Dental Care

Dental disease is a common problem in pets but, with help from their owners, it can be easily prevented. If done from an early age, cats and dogs can greatly benefit from owners brushing their teeth. If brushing is not an option, there are various methods of preventative dental care, for example, dental diets, dental… Read more »


As of 6th April 2016 if became law for all dogs in England to be microchipped and for the registered owners details to be kept up to date. Owners could face a £500 if their dog is not chipped! How would you feel if your pet went missing? Even the best trained and well cared for animals… Read more »


We recommend that you neuter your pet, for health reasons as well as social reasons. As you are probably aware, every year animal charities are inundated with unwanted animals, by neutering your pet you are not adding to this problem. There are also many health and behaviour benefits for a neutered animal. For dogs this includes reducing… Read more »


There has been a lot of coverage in the news about the emergence of new tick diseases in the UK  with cases of the tick bourne disease Babesia canis being found in dogs in Harlow, Essex. It is unclear as to whether this is set to become an emerging threat for the whole of the UK or… Read more »


Why are vaccinations important? As with any member of your family, you want the best health for your pet. Providing them with immunisation, avoiding the chances of them contracting life threatening and fatal diseases aids this. Puppies and kittens will receive immunity from their mothers when they are first born, however this gradually reduces leaving… Read more »

Worming & Flea Treatment

The last few years have been particularly bad for fleas. We have seen a large number of clients struggling to get rid of them having used supermarket products. If you are struggling, you’re not the only one, give us a call for some advice or take part in our BIG FLEA FREE GUARANTEE with our… Read more »