Pet Health


Chickens are an increasingly popular backyard pet and we are pleased to be able to offer care for our feathered friends here at the surgery. Treating chickens is quite different from cats and dogs, which is why one of our vets has been on chicken medicine courses so that we can offer up to date… Read more »


There is a huge range of pet foods out there but how do you know which one is best? It can be very difficult to know the difference between a good quality food and a poor quality one. We are more than happy for you to discuss your pet’s dietary needs with one of our… Read more »


We regularly see ferrets at both of our surgeries. They can make lovely pets and are full of personality. We can neuter ferrets from four months of age. However recent evidence shows that  neutered ferrets can be more prone to a hormone condition called Cushings. We therefore recommend that clients discuss with us whether or… Read more »


At Wendy Lane vets we like to think offer a high level of care to our furry friends. Rabbits can need just as much looking after, if not more so, than cats and dogs and their medical care can be just as involved. As rabbit medicine has significantly advanced over the last ten years we… Read more »