Pet Healthcare Plan

Affordable Preventative Treatment

To enable pet owners to spread the cost of routine treatment, we have designed our own practice membership plan, the Pet Healthcare Plan.

Our Pet Healthcare Plan is not insurance. It covers the regular treatments your pet needs throughout life, such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health checks.

The Pet Healthcare Plan provides your pet with:

  • Two full clinical examinations per year
  • Vaccinations
    • Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Kennel Cough
    • Cats: Flu, Enteritis, Herpes, Leukaemia
    • Rabbits: Myxomatosis strains 1 and 2, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease strains 1 and 2
  • Worming treatment (all year round)
  • Flea treatment (all year round)
  • 15% discount on neutering, dental procedures and in-house blood tests
  • 15% discount on additional vaccines
  • 15% discount on food, toys and treats purchased at the practice
  • 15% discount on additional worming and flea treatments

Additional benefits:

  • Seasonal offers and promotions
  • Free microchip
  • Free in-house urine tests during health checks
  • Free nurse consultations for nail trims and anal glands
  • Personalised & printed treatment planner for your pet

Monthly payments

Small dog (up to 10kg): £16.50

Medium dog (10.1 – 20kg): £17.50

Large dog (20.1 – 40kg): £18.50

Giant dog (40.1 – 56kg): £20.50

Cat: £15.00

Rabbit: £11.00

Download a Brochure

Pet Health Care brochure [PDF]

How to join

Just complete a simple registration form at reception – your banking details are required.


Sign up online using the following link. If you have other pets already on the plan please use the “I’m already registered” tab. If this is your first pet on the plan please use the “I’m a new pet owner tab”.

Sign up here –

A £10.00 registration fee will be collected with your first monthly direct debit.

Three direct debit payments must be made prior to being entitled to the full benefits of the plan. To take full plan benefits immediately please speak to a member of our team.

Our practice staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have. Or call us at the Rochdale surgery on 01706 643617 or the Littleborough surgery on 01706 378105 for more information.